Hans Lüdemann TRIO IVOIRE


December 2017

die kunst des trios 10 & 11, continuation of the concert series
November 29, 2017: Lüdemann - Potratz - Vespestad „Lessness“
January 5, 2018: Lüdemann - Niggenkemper - Cleaver „Talking Music“

Trio10 This year`s new editions of the concert series started off tremendously and joyously with the great Han Bennink and Wilbert de Joode from the Netherlands in May. „die kunst des trios 10“ with Oli Potratz and Jarle Vespestad just took place end of November and edition No. 11 will follow early in January of 2018, both trios bringing together musicians from Germany, France, Norway and the United States. In „die kunst des trios 10“ entitled „lessness“, bass player Oli Potratz from Berlin and drummer Jarle Vespestad from Oslo together with Hans Lüdemann created a unique trio sound characterized by great transparency, strong groove elements and extremely sensitive interplay. The music was partly improvised, but also characterized by several new compositions, two of them completely microtonal and realized with Lüdemann’s virtual piano, now extended in range to a double keyboard. Jarle Vespestad’s absolute and deeply concentrated playing connected and blended perfectly with Lüdemann’s expressivity and Potratz’s agility and clear and beautiful tone. The trio achieved great musical cohesion and intensity with an exceptional clarity of sound.

Trio11 The next edition on January 5, 2018, will be the 11th and last edition of the current series and mark the start of the new year. It features German - French bass player Pascal Niggenkemper from Paris and drummer Gerald Cleaver from NYC, two creative and adventurous minds of the contemporary music scene. The two know each other well and work together in Cleaver’s own band. Lüdemann has known Niggenkemper from his time as a student in Köln and met Cleaver during his stay in Philadelphia. Cleaver’s collaborations include work with Craig Taborn and Roscoe Mitchell, Niggenkemper has created projects of his own including solo bass programs. Their trio is another premiere and will be a joint effort, each of them contributing to the musical material. A special focus is on the communicative aspect of the music - speaking, talking, story telling - „talking music“.

Hans Lüdemann TRIO IVOIRE
Aly Keita - Christian Thomé

Pulse Hans Lüdemann and Aly Keita performed in November at the Bamako Jazz Festival, as a duo and together with Cheick Tidiane Seck. The Trio will tour in several European countries next year and is preparing a new production for the year 2019 that will mark 20 years of the project. The new CD „Desert Pulse“ with guest musicians Ballaké Sissoko and Reiner Winterschladen has received excellent press reviews in Europe and oversea.

Some reviews - links::
Video Desert Pulse

Hans Lüdemann’s ROOMS
Sebastien Boisseau - Dejan Terzic
„Blaue Kreise“ (BMC)

Kreise The press echo for „Blaue Kreise“ is also strong and international. Some reviews/links:

Gebhard Ullmann - Hans Lüdemann - Oli Potratz - Eric Schaefer

The quartet had its concert premiere in Berlin this year in June at RBB radio station, that received a lot of attention and enthusiastic reactions from the audience. The quartet made concert and studio recordings at the RBB Berlin at the same time. The video of the complete concert, that was connected to the reception of the Berlin Jazz prize by Gebhard Ullmann can be found online: www.kulturradio.de/ .

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