Hans Lüdemann TRIO IVOIRE


September 2018

NEW ALBUM on BMC records
Hans Lüdemann solo
„Beyond the tones“
(das volltemperierte Klavier)

Hans Lüdemann - piano, virtual 24 tone piano

Solo piano playing has been in the centre of Hans Lüdemann’s work since his beginnings. It lead to a duo collaboration with Paul Bley in 1993, continued with international solo tours and concerts in prestigious concert spaces like the Köln opera, where he celebrated an „Hommage a Köln concert“ in 2015. His fourth and most recent solo album „das reale Klavier“ was nominated for the Price of the German record critics in the same year. It was the continuation of a concept that had started in 2009 with „Between the keys“ (das virtuelle Klavier) - the extension of the acoustic grand piano with piano samples that opened new electronic alterations of the piano sound and the possibility to play with microtonal intervals. „Beyond the tones“ is a new chapter in Lüdemann’s solo work that takes a big step further on this path - with the doubled „volltemperiertes Klavier“ he has developed a new instrument which allows him to use the full range of the piano in quarter tones, dividing each octave into 24 notes each assigned to a piano key. The concert at Stadtgarten, Köln on September 23 is a premiere, where this musical world and the new double piano are presented for the first time. The program will introduce the premiere of several new original compositions and improvisations that always take risks and are good for surprises. The program is complemented with quarter tone piano compositions by Charles Ives and Georg Friedrich Haas. In November, Lüdemann will go on solo tour to China, where he will be performing within the „Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival“ and continue with concerts and workshops in the USA in November/December.
The compositions for „Beyond the tones“ where commissioned by the „Kunststiftung NRW“, the concert at Stadtgarten Köln is supported by the city of Cologne.

„Lüdemann is no less inscrutable than Jarrett. His dialogue between rich and powerful sonorities and silence pulls the listener time and time again out of his listening routines. On top of that there is a surreal moment that in some moments lets you forget that it is a piano you are listening to“. (Wolf Kampmann, Jazz Thing, Nov 2015)

Concerts: Sept 23, 2018 D - Köln, Stadtgarten / Sept 27, 2018 D - Berlin, MIM (with mikroPULS - Gebhard Ullmann/Oli Potratz/Eric Schaefer) / Nov 15, 2018 CN - Shenzhen, Mars Life House / Nov 16, 2018 CN - Ruijin / Nov 17, 2018 CN - Guangzhou, Time Museum / Nov 18, 2018 CN - Beijing, GI Beijing 798 Art Space / Dec 4, 2018 USA - Easton, Lafayette College / Dec 6, 2018 USA - Swarthmore, Swarthmore College
Supported by:
Kunststiftung NRW Kulturamt Köln

Hans Lüdemann TransEuropeExpress „PolyJazz“

T.E.E. Band Schallplattenkritik Oui
The debut album of the French-German octet TransEuropeExpress came out in May and has been received with enthusiastic reviews and ratings, as „A magnificent masterpiece“ (Fono Forum) and a „sensationally good album“ (Hessischer Rundfunk). „Polyjazz“ was nominated for the „Preis der deutschen Schallplatten- kritik“ and chosen as „OUI“ by „Culture Jazz“ in France. The album is released internationally this fall and can attract more attention in the coming months. Also the live concerts on the tour in June were a success and experienced as a „superlative craze“ (Liberation). The group performed some of the material of the album, but already rehearsed and presented a complete new program with new pieces by Silke Eberhard, Ronny Graupe, Julien Pontvianne and Hans Lüdemann which was premiered at the Budapest Music Centre. TransEuropeExpress is planning new concerts and recordings and a long term project in 2019 - 2020.
The four French and four German musicians are: Yves Robert (trombone), Theo Ceccaldi (violin), Alexandra Grimal (soprano/tenorsax), Sebastien Boisseau (double bass), Silke Eberhard (altosax/bass clarinet), Ronny Graupe (guitar), Dejan Terzic (drums) und Hans Lüdemann (piano & virtual piano). On the album, the guitarist is Kalle Kalima. For the concerts in June, Julien Pontvianne (clarinet, tenorsax) replaced Alexandra Grimal.
Supported by:
Kultur und Medien Musikfond

Hans Lüdemann TRIO IVOIRE - Aly Keita - Christian Thomé
trio concerts & trio featuring Dobet Gnahoré and Simin Tander (vocals)

The Trio Ivoire has created a program of new music together with singer Dobet Gnahoré. It was first presented in May in Münster at Jovel Music Hall and in August/September in Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria. There is another concert with special guests in November - vocalist Simin Tander will join the Trio for a concert at Delmenhorst Jazzfestival. The Trio Ivoire is preparing a new production and project for their 2019/20 anniversary season celebrating 20 years of the unique project.
Concerts: August 31, 2018 A - Wien, Porgy & Bess (& Dobet Gnahoré) Sept 1, 2018 A – Innsbruck, Treibhaus (& Dobet Gnahoré) Oct 6, 2018 D - Wiesbaden, Kulturforum (Trio Ivoire) Nov 7 - 10, 2018 MALI – Bamako Jazz Festival, tbc Nov 24, 2018 D – Delmenhorst, Jazzfestival (& Simin Tander)

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